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About Me

A breathtakingly original twist on a classic fable.

Ras Punzel captivates from the very beginning. 

The story is amazingly fresh and engaging and will undoubtedly emerge as a modern day classic.

The visuals are crisp, soulful and telling. Hand drawn and leaping off the pages, completely complimenting this glorious tale of persistence, deceit and love. 


Rapunzel meets Rasta in this enchanting ethnic adventure.

Golda Locks And The Magical Rocks is a lighthearted, mouthwatering masterpiece.. 

This light hearted prequel to Ras Punzel, is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

And so it was...

raspunzel's cover art, rastafarian boy, little black boy, rasta
GOLDA LOCKS front cover art, little african girl, little black girl, golda locks, little pet goat

More from The Author

seven front cover art, tesseract, seven


Seven is a collection of poems exploring the magic, mystic and symbolism of the numeral seven.

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Bilkisu, Editor BBC, news,

''An emotional roller coaster... BRILLIANT!''

Bilkisu Labaran 

News Editor, Africa English,


"What an AMAZING read! I absolutely  loved Ras Punzel... MORE PLEASE!!"

Fabio Lava

#ChildGenius #Channel4 

Fabio, Child genius, Brainy child, shild with book
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About the Author

Gairey Hugh Collins was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

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